Mission Critical, Inc. partners with Clearent Payment Processing to deliver a turn-key point of sale processing solution for the Odoo ERP platform.

08/18/2022 - Phillipsburg, Ohio

Mission Critical, Inc. is an ERP Integrator based in Phillipsburg, Ohio specializing in the Odoo Enterprise Resource Planning software platform. Recently MCI had been approached to provide retail counter credit card processing solutions to be used with the Odoo ERP/POS platform. A lack of options in the space made it difficult to provide such "turn key" services, and so Mission Critical sought out a partner that could host and provide these processing solutions to US based companies wanting to use the Odoo POS application.

In April, 2022 MCI began the search for a US based credit card processing platform that had the technology and hardware available to make turn key retail credit card processing a reality within the Odoo POS application. Until now US based companies using Odoo POS were limited to a single option for directly integrated credit card processing at the retail counter. The only solution offered by Odoo was limited in many ways, including a US based partner that is easily accessible. MCI's high standards required things that no other directly integrated solution could offer. Including true turn key usage, quick account setup, and quick-to-deploy pre-programmed counter hardware.

When MCI came together with Clearent, everything changed. Using Clearent's semi integrated cloud based technology and hardware, MCI was quick to develop an easy to install and configure direct integration POS solution. This means that US based companies wanting to use the Odoo POS application have an almost instant path to retail counter sales using the Odoo POS application. Our solution does not require any 3rd party connectors or costly middleman hardware. It is a true plug-n-play integration and can be up and taking credit card payments in minutes.

Other advantages of this integration include;

  • Reduced burden of PCI Compliance issues for retailers
  • Less than 30 second response and checkout times at the retail counter
  • Internet connection is the only requirement to use the pre-programmed hardware
  • POS transactions are all native to the Odoo POS, and do not require multiple touch points for the retail checkout operator
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