Odoo / FastBound Integration

World's first connection of Best in Class ERP/EBB

August 17th, 2023

Mission Critical, Inc. is thrilled to announce the first Odoo integration with the FastBound electronic bound book. This integration allows users of the Odoo ERP platform to efficiently and seamlessly push and pull their firearms and NFA inventory to and from their FastBound electronic bound book. By utilizing this integration, users can reduce the amount of time to update their electronic bound book by up to 100%!

By integrating Odoo with FastBound using Mission Critical's proprietary, and World's first integration and process, when you receive a compliance required item into your inventory, the item is automatically acquired into FastBound. And on the opposite end, when the item is sold, the item is disposed from the FastBound electronic bound book. Whether the sale is done via point of sale, a website sale, a dealer transfer, a customer trade-in, etc. everything is managed directly within Odoo, saving you valuable time when managing your ATF compliance requirements of firearms and other compliance required NFA items.

Odoo's naturally seamless workflow for purchases, management, and sales of compliance required products, makes it the perfect choice for the firearms retail industry. And to us, it made perfect sense to build an integration with the Industry's leading electronic bound book platform. With this integration you get all of the power of the Odoo ERP platform, and a Best In Class bound book solution.

For more information about Odoo's retail and inventory management solution and/or Mission Critical's integration with FastBound, please contact Mission Critical, Inc. for a demonstration. We are confident when you see the ease and efficiency of this integration, it'll immediately make sense for you to reconsider your current firearms and accessory business management systems. Save time, save money, ease compliance, sell more, and deliver better customer service with Mission Critical, Inc. and FastBound.

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